Student Illness
Student Injury or Illness:  A student who is too ill to remain in class or who has been injured will be sent to the school nurse.  If it is necessary for the student to go home, the school nurse will contact the parents. 

If your child shows symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting or has an oral temperature greater than 99.4 F, consider him/her contagious.  Please keep the child out of school for 24 hours after she/he is symptom free.

Early Checkout: When it becomes necessary for your child to leave school early due to an illness or a doctor’s appointment, a parent, guardian, or the emergency contact person must report to the school office to sign the child out. Only those on the form signed by the parent will be allowed to pick up a child unless a written note is sent to allow permission for someone else. If the individual picking up the child is not familiar to the district staff, a photo I.D. may be required.

Do not call ahead and ask that your child be waiting in the office to be picked up. Early checkout will prevent a student from having “perfect attendance.” 

Attendance Policy (Seven Day): The purpose of the attendance policy is to encourage regular school attendance by all students. There is a direct relationship among attendance, grades, and success in school. Students who are absent from school are not able to participate in class discussions, small group activities, or class experiments. Some of these experiences are not possible to make up; therefore, regular attendance is an important component of the educational process.

A student MUST not miss more than 7 days of school per semester. All absences will be counted towards the 7 allowable days, regardless of their nature.  Parent-verified absences, doctor excuses, funerals, court appearances, and truancy will all be counted the same towards the 7 days. Documentation of doctors’ office visits, funerals, and court appearances will be collected and added to the student’s file for future reference.