In October 1949, an election was held for the purpose of consolidating a number of country schools and the schools of the towns of: Benton City, Laddonia, Martinsburg, and Rush Hill. The resulting favorable vote consolidated the following existing schools into the R-VI School Dsitrict of Audrain County, also known as the Community R-VI School Distrct: Oak Grove #10, West Lick #11, McClintic #12, Laddonia #13, Elm Bend #14, Erisman #63, Cauthorn #64, Walker #65, Rush Hill #66, Eureka #67, Edwards #68, Black #70, Cornett #71, Fennewald #79, Prairie Chapel #80, Chapel Grove #81, South Liberty #82, Crane #83, Martinsburg #84, Benton City #85, Sunrise #88, and Stauffer #89.

On November 25, 1949, a Board of Education for the newly formed school district was elected. Elected to the Board were: F. W. Riutcel, F. A. Rockwell, Choate Smith, John Hitz, J. W. Bigelow, and Marvin Cox. The Board elected F. W. Riutcel as its first president and Marvin Cox as vice-president. The Board chose Frank S. Paxson to serve as Board secretary. Clyde T. Moore was chosen to become the new superintendent on November 29, 1949.

In February 1950, the elementary tuition was set at $150.00 per year and high school tuition at $175.00 per year. Transportation for the elementary would be $11.00 per month and high school would be $8.00 per month.

On March 7, 1950, a $250,000 bond issue was brought before the people for the purpose of purchasing a schoolhouse site and erecting a high school building and furnishing the same. Interest on the loan would be 2.25%. The proposition passed with 654 "yes" votes and 285 "no" votes.

Two sites for the building were discussed. The two sites considered were Jim Scott Corner and Clarence Freyer Corner. In March 1950, the Board voted to purchase 80 acres at Scott's Corner east of Highway 19 for the sum of $4,300.00 from F. K. Mulligan of St. Louis. Mr. Ludwig Apt of Moberly was chosen as the architect for the new central high school.

On April 17, 1950, a petition was presented to the Board of Education to disorganize and abolish the district and have a public hearing. It was agreed that if the election failed, the question of disorganizing the district would not be presented again. An election on April 17, 1950 settled the above question. The proposition failed.

On October 16, 1950, the Board voted to sell for a sum of $14,493.40 sixteen (16) buildings which were no longer needed. Those schools were as follows: Oak Grove, West Lick, McClintic, Elm Bend, Erisman, Cauthorn, Walker, Eureka, Edwards, Cornett, Fennewald, Prairie Chapel, Chapel Grove, South Liberty, Crane, and Stauffer.

In October 1952, the Board approved the addition of a 30 foot by 40 foot music room to the present building. In June 1953, the Board voted to have a custodian house built behind the school building.

On August 29, 1953, the Board met to approve the new high school building. Its doors opened on the same.

In October 1961, discussion began to build a central elementary school building. Votes were cast on April 3, 1962 to issue bonds of $475,000.00 to erect and furnish a central building. The proposition failed.

On February 17, 1967, after 10 previous elections, an election was held to issue bonds of $690,000.00 for the purpose of erecting a central elementary building; the proposition passed. In the fall of 1969, the Community R-VI Elementary Building at Scott's Corner was opened for school. With the opening of the new centrally-located elementary school, the grade schools at Benton City, Laddonia, Martinsburg, and Rush Hill were closed.

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