Middle School & High School Info

Remote Learning for Community R-VI 

Middle School & High School Students

Community R-6  will be closed from March 19th thru April 3rd.  We will be in touch with further information as it becomes available.  School will resume Monday, April 6th. School districts have been advised to close their doors for the time being to help keep the spread of the coronavirus to a minimum. In the coming weeks, we want to explore our ability to provide education virtually and not completely stop the educational process. 

Teachers will be contacting students during this recess from normal classes via their school email, zoom or skype on their Ipad, and phone if needed. Correspondence with you about progress will also happen via email or phone call.

Office Hours will be posted on Canvas for each teacher so students and parents can contact teachers via email or phone to ensure we are available to answer any questions regarding classwork during this time apart.  Office hours will ensure a teacher can be contacted daily at those times if assistance is needed.  

In Laddonia, if needed, the Fire Department Building will be a Wi-Fi hotspot for students to connect and upload and download items if necessary.  In Martinsburg, the Wi-Fi hotspot is outside the St. Joseph Catholic School. In Rush Hill and Benton City, a Wi-Fi hotspot will be identified by the Community R-VI School Bus that we will park in the middle of town that you can pull up to and connect.  

Work for the week will need to be submitted by Sunday night at midnight.  The cameras on the Ipads can be used to submit paper packet work (just take a photo of it and submit to your teacher), however, most of the assignment turn in will be done thru canvas and a snapshot will not be necessary.

Enclosed in this packet is a sign and return sheet stating you would like to pick up meals at one of our pick up locations.  The intent is to run a bus route mid-morning that would provide lunch and potentially breakfast for the next morning for your child.  Sign and return the bottom portion of the form regarding the lunch option if you do or do not wish to pick up food. There will be four pick up points to receive food.  Benton City Community Center, Rush Hill Community Church, St. Joseph School in Martinsburg, 1st Baptist Church in Laddonia. Pick up time will be 11:30-1:00 pm daily.

Any questions do not hesitate to call Community HS/MS at (855) 708-7567 ext.131



My child(ren), _________________________________


  • Will  

  • Will NOT


need meals provided during this suspension.  Breakfast and lunch will be delivered to a pick up point, at no cost, once daily (Monday through Friday).  Pick up points are Benton City Community Center, Rush Hill Community Church, St. Joseph School in Martinsburg, and the First Baptist Church in Laddonia.  If you are absolutely unable to pick up the food, lunch will be delivered to you at your doorstep but you must contact the school to arrange this option. Pick up time will be from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.