UPDATE: Meal Delivery Starting April 9

April 7, 2020

 Dear Community R-VI Families:

We are committed to continue meal services to the children in our area.  In an effort to limit exposure for our staff so that we may maintain our meal program, we are making a few changes beginning on Thursday, April 9, 2020.

We are moving to deliveries two times each week instead of every day.

o   Deliveries will be on Mondays and Thursdays

o   Each delivery will include 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches for each child

Monday = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday = Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Deliveries will now be door to door.

o   Families need to place a cooler on their doorstep on Monday morning and again on Thursday morning.  If a family does not own a cooler, please contact the school so we can provide one to use during the closure.

o   Please remain inside until a staff member has placed food items in the cooler and has boarded the bus.

We are changing delivery times

o   Deliveries will begin between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. It may take a few days to establish the new routine, but we hope this will help to minimize a chance for exposure for both our families and our staff.

We will deliver meals to your home address unless you have notified us of a different delivery location.

If you asked to be added to our list, we will have that updated by Thursday.  Please be patient as we work through the changes but call or email if you have questions. 

Thank you,

Cheryl Mack